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The Michigan cannabis market may still be in its infancy, but things are scaling quickly. An impressive amount of investment capital is making its way into the industry, giving operators the chance to expand at an impressive pace. Not to be left behind, Left Coast Holdings is in a key position to deploy years of cannabis experience on the Michigan market.  Armed with knowledge from the California cannabis market, and strong, proactive business practices, Left Coast Holdings plans to continue expanding throughout the State and, eventually, nationwide.

william mckenzie headshot 2b cropped.jpg
William McKenzie (CEO and Co-Founder)
William is a 10-year veteran of the CA medical marijuana industry, owning and operating a number of large-scale cultivation facilities. In addition to his cannabis experience he is a successful contractor with a large construction company specializing in the commercial multi-family industry. He has a proven track record in sales and management and has a passion for starting and growing businesses. Willie attended Cal Poly, SLO, studying Agribusiness.
trever johnson headshot1.jpg
Trever Johnson (COO and Co-Founder)
Trever is a Cannabis industry expert of 15 years. He is an equity partner in The Shryne Group, one of California's largest cannabis brand holding companies. Trever also co-founded JBTB Holdings, a large-scale cannabis distribution and processing facility located in California. He is a Licensed General contractor with specialized focus on cannabis projects.
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